Mobile: Land: Short Range

PAC/RAT Machine Gun [Programmed Attack Computer/ Rapid All Terrain]

From The Collection of: J.D. Beckwith

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Date Stamp: 1983
P/N Number: 158765

Part Breakdown:
Part #Part NameQtyPicture
1Turret Bottom (green)1
2Middle Gun Arm (dk gray)1
3Outer Gun Arm (dk gray)1
4Back Panel (dk gray)1
5Turret Top (green)1
6Wheel (dk gray)4
7Pin (green)1
8Axle (green)2
9Chassis (green)1
10Weapon Connectors (red)4
11Barrel (dk gray)4
12Dome (red)1
13Antenna (dk gray)1
14Remote Control (dk gray)1
Total Pieces24

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