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Stinger (Night Attach 4-WD)

From The Collection of: J.D. Beckwith

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Date Stamp: 1984
P/N Number: 164406

Part Breakdown:
Part #Part NameQtyPicture
1Body Assembly
  • M-32551-A (body)(black)
  • M-3304-1-1-A (roll cage)(black)
  • M-3660-4 (dashboard)(black)
2Steering Wheel (dk gray)1
3164531-2:Rear Platform (black)1
4Chassis Assembly
  • M-3250-A (chassis)(black)
  • M-3255-4-1/2/3-A (4)(wheels)(black)
  • axel (2)(3in-long)
5Rear Deck Panel (2 diff)(dk gray)2
6Hand Rail (dk gray)1
7Roof Panel (dk gray)1
8Left Door (dk gray)1
9Right Door (dk gray)1
10Refuel Tank (black)1
11Ram Bar (dk gray)1
12Front Support (black)1
13Rear Support (black)1
14Rocket Launcher (black)1
15Rocket (red)4
16Figure: The Enemy1
Total Pieces20

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