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Killer WHALE (Hovercraft)

From The Collection of: J.D. Beckwith

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Date Stamp: 1984
P/N Number: 166671

Part Breakdown:
Part #Part NameQtyPicture
1Lower Body Assembly
  • M-3732-2 (launch kicker)(white)
  • M-3732-1 (launch release lever)(white)
  • M-3795-4 (launch platform)(black)
  • spring (1 1/4 x 1/4 dia)
  • M-3793 (lower chassis)(black)
  • M-3792 (upper chassis)(black)
  • M-3796-8 (launch door)(green)
2M-3794:Deck (green)1
3Wheel (black)4
4M-3728-2:Compartment Cover (black)1
5M-3795-1:Dashboard (black)1
6Side Window (clear)2
7Windscreen (clear)1
8M-3795-2:Liner (black)1
9M-3796-4:Boarding Ramp (green)1
10Cockpit Windshield (clear)1
11M-3796-5:Cockpit Door (green)1
12M-3796-1/2:Gear Box Asm1
13M-3693-1:Propeller (green)2
14Propeller Shroud (green)2
15Vertical Vane (green)4
16Link Bar (green)2
17Horizontal Vane (green)4
18Cannon (green)2
19Cannon Cap (green)2
20M-3796-6:Left Engine Cover (green)1
21M-3796-6:Right Engine Cover (green)1
22Retainer (green)2
23M-3734:Missile Box (green)2
24Missile Divider (green)2
25Missile Launcher Arm (dk gray)2
26Missile (white)8
27Machine Gun (dk gray)2
28Turret (dk gray)2
29M-3795-3:Sled (black)1
30Sled Shroud (clear)1
31Small Sled Roller (gray)1
32Small Sled Axel (gray)1
33Launch Button (white)1
34Left Cycle Half (green)1
35Right Cycle Half (green)1
36Cycle Wheel (black)2
37Cycle Fork (black)1
38Depth Charge Half (black)10
39Depth Charge Release (dk gray)1
Total Pieces78

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