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TBF [Tactical Battle Platform]

From The Collection of: J.D. Beckwith

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Date Stamp: 1985
P/N Number: 169422

Part Breakdown:
Part #Part NameQtyPicture
1M-3974-3:Long Truss Leg (red)3
2M-3974-3:Long Solid Leg (red)3
3M-3974-1:Short Truss Leg (red)1
4M-3974-1:Short Solid Leg (red)1
5M-3978-6:Long Leg Footing (dk gray)3
6M-3978-1:Short Leg Footing (dk gray)1
7M-3968:Platform Base (white)1
8Windshield (clear)1
9M-3972-2:Console (gray)1
10M-3977-1:Helipad (dk gray)1
11Helipad Legs (red)2
12Helipad Ladder (dk gray)1
13M-3979-2:Seat (dk gray)1
14Searchlight (dk gray)1
15Antenna (dk gray)1
16Long Ladder (red)1
17M-3973-1:Short Ladder (red)1
18Rifle Rack (dk gray)1
19Rifle A (dk gray)1
20Spool (dk gray)1
21Crane Hook (dk gray)1
22String (black)1
23Knob (dk gray)1
24M-3972-1:Crane Half (male)(gray)1
25M-3972-2:Crane Half (female)(gray)1
26M-3969-2:Top Gun Half (gray)1
27M-3969-1:Bottom Gun Half (gray)1
28Gun Caps (gray)2
29Radar Dish (dk gray)1
30Gun Mount Half (male)(white)1
31Gun Mount Half (female)(white)1
32Rocket Platform Door (dk gray)1
33M-3975-1:Rocket Platform (dk gray)1
34M-3970-1:Rocket Stand (white)1
35Rocket Mount (white)1
36Rocket (dk gray)4
37M-3969-2:Dock (gray)1
38M-3973-2:Dock Legs (red)1
39Gun Platform Door (dk gray)1
40M-3975-2:Gun Platform (dk gray)1
41Rifle B (dk gray)1
42Rifle C (dk gray)1
43Rifle D (dk gray)1
44Rifle E (dk gray)1
Total Pieces55

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